Super Keepy Ups

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Super Keepy Ups is about one thing: keeping a ball in the air.And fish.Well it's not really about fish, but there are fish... And technically you need to keep the ball in the water rather than the air... And the ball isn't so much a ball as it is a bubble... And there's basketball too...OK, let's try again.Super Keepy Ups is about one thing: 1 bubble, 2 fish, a couple of baskets, and an undisclosed number of gravity(s?)*.Super Keepy Ups is the debut game from Super Regular Guy; born out of a love of keepy ups and a nostalgia for 2 player keyboard-crowding classics such as the Commodore 64's CJ's Elephant Antics, and DOS's Jazz Jackrabbit 2.The latest update includes:- The traditional 1 and 2 player local high score mode- The all new basketball mode for 1 or 2 players locally: Beat your own high score or go head to head- Enjoy a remixed, remastered and upgraded adaptive soundtrack- A menu system that is truly part of the game itself rather than a clunky break in playSuper Keepy Ups has an addictiveness and fluidity that belies it's simplicity, and with Steam Remote Play local doesn't have to mean local anymore!Grab a friend, or just grab yourself, and keep that ball from dropping! And remember, Super Keepy Ups is about one thing: getting the highest score you possibly can.*Disclaimer: there is only one gravity in this game.Oh, and thinking about it, I'm pretty sure the plural for gravity is graviti. Like Octopi.
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