Burnouts: The Igne Mori

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What's the difference between a mindless sack of flesh constantly on the lookout for sustenance and a pothead? Probably better off asking about the similarities...Take control of Levi and his group of societal burnouts who are on a mission to find a source of income by moving a large quantity of drugs outside of town and gouge the prices. Problems may arise when some of them begin to catch on to a sinister plot unfolding right under their noses. Discover that not everything is what it appears to be at first glance in this Pop Reference, Dimly Comical and Story-Driven tale about friends, enemies, relationships and betrayal. Play through this story to unlock the lore behind a world of unimaginable mystery for a game in development set for release in 2020 No Turn-Based Combat Mobility driven by a combination of Stealth, Quick Reaction Time Events and Puzzles Linear-Adventure driven maps Any moment in Gameplay can quickly descend into a life or death situation Immersive soundtrack and sound effects Dozens of Pop Culture References that will have you smiling while being brutally eaten by a zombie
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