Dead Horizon Extras

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The Dead Horizon Extras!This includes the rootin' tootin' soundtrack which has 12 wonderful tracks written and performed by NICKELPUNK and one track (Dead Horizon) written and performed by the irreplaceable Aubri McCoy.Also included is a classic instruction booklet for Dead Horizon. It won't help you play the game but if you like weird retro things it definitely looks like it's from the late 80s.As Dead Horizon is a free game costing you nothing but time, if you found yourself greatly enjoying it consider purchasing this DLC even if you hate music.The soundtrack includes these following tracks:1 First Light2 Lost Treasure3 Desert Nights4 One Last Wager5 Journey of a Gunslinger6 Neon in the Sand7 Testament of a Shootist8 Infernal Machine9 Whiskey & Beer10 Sundowner11 Don't Miss12 Dead Horizon13 Dirt Nap
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