Hero Legends

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"Hero of legend" is a set RPG, war chess, puzzle as one of the game, in the game you will meet all kinds of martial arts characters, help them solve problems, of course, will experience some adventures, eventually become a generation of warrior or a generation of fierce, completely up to you to decide. Players are set to be 14 years old at the start of the game, with preferences on gender and attributes, and then you appear in the heart of the continent -- ping an town. Although it is a virtual world, it still continues the basic elements of the real world, where you will gradually grow older, become thirsty and hungry, and also need money to live. Unlike traditional RPGS, there is no compelling storyline in this virtual world, and you can decide your life here on your own terms. You can practice martial arts, punish evil and evil, kill people and get rid of evil, or do nothing but wander around and play. It's up to you.
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