Dead Hand

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Steam VideoThis content is only available in an online streaming format. More information about streaming videos can be found in the Streaming Videos on Steam FAQ.#label_about_the_seriesWelcome to the world of Dead Hand. The last war broke out. All the people are dead, but the machines continue dutifully to follow orders. The automatic base machines begin fueling and charging the weapons of last surviving bomber preparing it to drop bombs on the dead enemy city. This happens until the last echo of mankind subsides completely. Then comes a new era in which there is no place for us. This is an animated series which I draw in my free time. It is about the last war in the history of mankind, and about how this will end. I will show you the last living person on the planet, judgment day, the culprits and victims, the battles between machines endowed with artificial souls, continuing a senseless war after the death of mankind. Now i have 1st episode - Last day of war. And I'm working on 2 new episodes. 2 Traitor. 3 Intruder I need money to work, so I decided to put the show here. Thank you for your attention! I hope you will enjoy it:)
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