War Platform:VR Air Force Golden Enhanced Edition

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Support keyboard and handle control1943 The US Navy conducted a secret high-energy physics experiment in a dock in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, also known as the Rainbow Project.Make a escort destroyer, the Eldridge, invisible in the eyes of the observer.However, this experiment happened to open up the link channel with the second world. Now this channel has been reopened, and the dangerous exploration journey begins.Driving advanced fighters to take off from an aircraft carrier and use Aviation shell Launch missile to close combat with enemy fightersClose look ship girl dance on the aircraft carrierVisit the most advanced aircraft carrier walk on the deck The most intense air battle from ocean to morden city to SI-FI WORLD .rc mode is new Play in the game.total map :Asia 50,000 square kilometersEurope 80,000 square kilometersAmericas 110,000 square kilometersinclude over 100 square kilometers High precision reduction American Death valley.More than 100 square kilometers of white sand missile basefree to fly! and more New Maps Continually updated.Support keyboard and handle control!Add a new aircraft:1.F-117A Stealth attack aircraft Nighthawk2.Su-57
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