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Mago is a 2D platformer that puts us in the boots of a sorcerer who will have to run, jump and use his trustworthy magic wand across a vast kingdom where everything can, and will, happen. Will the Wizard be able to rescue his beloved damsel from the claws of the evil Gourmet? Features • Intuitive and easy to control. Just two buttons and the directional pad/stick is all you need to embark on this magical adventure! • Travel a vast and varied world that serves as the main hub for the rest of the game: access levels, stores and mini games in a fun and intuitive way! • Explore different and unique areas in the map like the colorful teapot prairie, a humongous tree guarded by a fierce centipede, or the ancient ruins of a mysterious civilization that rests on the back of a huge bird. The possibilities are endless! • Run and jump across many beautifully crafted levels, each one with its own mechanics and challenges. • Use your magic wand to purify evil from the world as you affect your surroundings and solve riddles. You never know what will happen with just a flick! • Fight against a vast array of charismatic bosses and mini bosses that will put all of your skills to the test. • Looking to take a break? Worry not! Visit the beautiful town of Musicalia where you can buy upgrades that will help you on your adventures and meet all kinds of interesting characters. Do you recognize anyone? • Listen to a beautiful soundtrack brimming with nostalgia that will transport you to the golden age of videogames. • Collect secret orbs in each level to unlock items and improvements. Can you find them all?
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