NORR part I: Ace Shot

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The first part in the "NORR" game series is about three people whose fates are intertwined in a bloody war for the crown of South Florida.How far can a man go for money and power? Mason Brown, the protagonist of Ace Shot, is ready to do much to reach the top. He is ready for treachery, numerous murders, robberies and lies. But what price will he pay for it?In an attempt to build a criminal empire, he kills almost everyone with whom he worked, but events unfold quite differently than he imagined. Power and money corrupt him and he becomes only the pitiful shadow of the man who was at the beginning of his journey.To end the suffering of such a monster can only another monster. William. Bloodthirsty maniac that saves the world from other bloodthirsty maniacs for money. He is a true professional. He is clever, strong, and everyone who underestimated his ability to shoot instantly regretted it. William never lost in battle. He considers himself almost invulnerable, because of which his arrogance knows no bounds. He is pragmatic and ready to do anything in order to get what he needs.Lester has always been too emotional and never knew how to understand people. Anyone else in his place would have noticed the changes that occurred with Mason, but not him. Lester followed him even in those moments when Mason's mind was filled with thoughts of another betrayal. He was the last to stay close to the new king of South Florida, but this blind loyalty was the cause of his death. Welcome to the 80s.Game features: ▲ Bizarre PVP multiplayer▲ Exciting co-op missions▲ 3 main characters who have their strengths and weaknesses.▲ Each of the 12 story chapters gives you new gameplay features.▲ A lot of different enemies who couldn't allow you to relax.▲ You can check your skills in "survival" mode.▲ Interesting bosses who needs its own approach.▲ Lots of different weapons including special types that you can find only at certain levels.
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