Neckbeards: Basement Arena

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Put down that skipping rope and gym bag. It's time to hit the basement!Antagonists have taken over the basements of the world. It's your duty as shut-in warriors to clear these sacred battlegrounds. Based on classic arcade games like Robotron 2084, Neckbeards is non-stop action for one or two players with an epic soundtrack and a taste for psychedelia.Choose your champion from a posse of amazing protagonists, including a badass beta male, a racy spinster, and a fearsome basement dweller (with mad punching skills)!Face a hundred levels full of insane Chads, trolls, and hundreds of other foes. Protect mom in the garden levels or you'll never, ever get dessert again!Do mortal battle with special enemies, each more special (and weird) than the last!Heal your wounds with some delicious junk food or high-quality medicinal herb!Clear each level in time - or face the fearsome school shooter (created, in part, by those bullying antagonists).
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