The Simple Apocalypse

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The Simple ApocalypseTSA is a not-so-realistic fun little shooter game, the purpose of this game was to create a simple shooter that you can easily jump into and start playing immediately.Game modesCOOPYou and your friends mission is to clear the area of enemies (NPCs)DeathmatchProtect the CiviliansProtect a bunch of confused Civilians from the hordes of Zombies until the timer endsZombie BrawlA melee only game mode, where you race against your competition on who gets the most kills (NPCs)Simple RoyaleA Battle Royale game mode, last man standing, however, when you die, you will spawn as a useless ZombieThe ArsenalThe Simple Apocalypse has a wide variety of weaponry to use, such as:Automatic RiflesShotgunsRocket LaunchersMelee weaponsVehiclesThere is also several drivable vehicles at your disposal:Armored TanksArmored TrucksArmored CarsCivilian VehiclesBut thats not all!Other features included are:Enterable buildings, you can climb on top of Rooftops or Guard towers to take cover from enemiesAdvanced Bullet Projectiles with Ricochet and bullet penetrationArtificial Intelligence will react to your actionsDedicated Server supportAchievementsPlayer Skins & Characters
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