The Dreadful Whispers

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You're not good enough... it can't be done... it's too risky... you're worthless... give up... The Dreadful Whispers is an adventure about overcoming fear and doubt. Explore hundreds of strange handcrafted levels filled with doubts, fears and whispers. Discover a darker, twisted side to the world with the unique reveal mechanic.Solve dozens of short, mind twisting puzzles and blast your way through horrifying monsters that embody doubt, fear and the all consuming agony that is regret. Uncover dozens of secrets and easter eggs.Experience diverse levels and drastically different endings based on your choices. Enjoy haunting, beautiful music by the talented Dave Allen. Everything from the strange artwork and animations to the programming, design and sound effects is the work of a single developer.A piece of me, Noa Calice, is in this game. You're not only immersing yourself in a unique, weird world but also supporting my dream.
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