Steel Sword Story

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Created with Pixel Game Maker MV! the GameFor all lovers of “true” 2D action games...We’ve got a game that will cause memories of all those old school action games you used to play to come flooding back!Created using Pixel Game Maker MV, this title features beautiful and painstakingly rendered pixel art graphics, game design that never stops bringing the fun, and an amazingly immersive game world from start to finish.■BenchmarktestIf you're worried about whether the program will run smoothly, try downloading the benchmark software from the below link and test it out. your PC can maintain a rate of 60 FPS while approximately 30 chickens (give or take a few) are onscreen, you should be able to expect the program to run normally..StoryWith the betrayal of the traitor Rufus, the kingdom is on the verge of destruction.Enter a former Imperial Knight - a man upon whose shoulders the future of the kingdom was once placed, and who was later banished from the kingdom over false accusations.Having lost everything - his status, his honor, and the woman he loves - the swordsman Azul faces off against the threat encroaching upon the kingdom with nothing but his rusty, old steel sword...Get ready for an old-school fantasy side-scroller full of swords and magic!Publisher-recommended FeaturesA complete and fully-loaded 2D side-scrolling “true” old school-style action gameIntuitive and immersive controlsCarefully calculated enemy placement and gimmicksBrilliant dot art-style graphicsAmazingly detailed effects and particlesAnd most of all, game construction that really shows off the cool stuff that Pixel Game Maker MV can do.We hope you enjoy the lovingly and finely crafted dark fantasy world within the game.
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