DC Universe Online™ - Episode 33 : Atlantis

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The battle for the Crown continues in Episode 33: Atlantis. Corum Rath has set his sights on the Throne and has plotted a rebellion with his Deluge conspirators. Go beneath the sea to a brand new, stunning rendition of Atlantis, and put a stop to the uprising. Do you have what it takes to save the city and restore power to the throne?Atlantis features a new Solo [Atlantis: Royal Palace], Open World Missions [Atlantis], 4-player Alert [Atlantis: Silent School], and two 8-player Raids [Atlantis: Crown of Thorns & Atlantis: The Throne]. Both Raids have Elite versions. Key Features:• Vast Underwater World: visit a brand-new, stunning rendition of the underwater Kingdom of Atlantis! • Swimming: For the first time ever, players can SWIM through the open-world area of Atlantis• New Characters: Including Aqualad, King Shark, and Murk.• New Rewards: Including gear suits inspired by Corum Rath and Aqualad
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