Beetlejuice: Bad as Can

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Yes, it's true, the time has finally come. Beetlejuice from the Howard Stern Show has his own wacky, insane, over the top game! This is the man who sleeps under his bed. This is the man who lost 350lbs yet still managed to gain weight. This is the man who may or may not have type 16 diabetes. Play as Beetlejuice, the greatest Wack Packer of all time, in this hilariously wacky Super Mario style adventure. What does Beetles mind look like? What goes on there? You're about to find out! You have 8 insane Super Power Ups at your disposal. Use them wisely! The power ups include: - StrongBeet - ArmyBeet - BunnyBeet - OgreBeet - BeetSkywalker - BigHeadBeet - TrumpBeet - MiniMeBeet Explore seven crazy worlds, over 50 levels, fight bosses, find hidden secrets, and save humanity! (Please support Beetlejuice, 50% of proceeds go to Beetlejuice, his family, and his medical expenses)
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