Ironsmith Medieval Simulator

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Join the Community!MEDIEVAL CASTLE - BUILD, DESIGN, REPAIR, CLEAN GAMES FROM OUR PUBLISHERCheckout upcoming games from Ultimate Games S.A.: the GameWith Ironsmith Medieval Simulator you will travel back in time, straight to a medieval forge, where seconds are measured by hammers striking iron and the heat from the furnace draws the last drops of sweat from your body. You are an ironsmith, and it is your duty to perfect your craft by creating ever-changing tools, weapons, armour and anything else of interest to local nobles, knights and villagers.Time to roll up your sleeves and get to work! You’re about to craft hundreds of items of all shapes and purposes. Fulfil orders and make sure that the creations born under your hammer are one of a kind. You will be aided by the modifications and decorations system, allowing you to engrave whatever you wish on your creations. You’re only limited by your imagination.Collect decorative trophies and add them to the swords you forge. Expand and improve your workshop. Buy items from other players to break them down into parts and learn their schematics. Hire helpers who will take care of simple, yet time-consuming tasks, giving you the opportunity to complete more responsible ones. Build your renown step by step. Who knows, maybe in the future you’ll get to open a new workshop in a bigger and wealthier city.It is a time of war. Your work and its effects are not without significance for the balance of power. Each quest you complete moves the story forward. So, forget about the monotonous sighs of the bellows and the never-ending clanging of the hammer. In this vast sandbox world, there's no time for boredom!Play Ironsmith Medieval Simulator and see the realistically recreated blacksmith tools from the Middle Ages. Create blacksmith’s and armourer’s works based on technology from many centuries ago. Just grab a hammer and strike while the iron is hot!Features:Craft hundreds of tools, items, weapons, and armours. Every single one of your creations can be modified or decorated anyway you desire. Upgrade your forge and customize it with gained trophies and furnishes, hire new workers who will relieve you from simpler tasks. Who knows - if you succeed, you might build another workshop in a bigger city...Smelt varieties of raw ore into ingots. Different proportions mean different steel or metal alloy quality. Share your responsibilities and tasks with your friend in co-op mode, help or disrupt, and also meet other people in a tavern. Take part in the life of a town based on classic RPGs and enjoy playing in a vast sandbox environment.Gain and acquire unique schematics. Buy exotic pieces of art from other players and decompose it to single parts and gain knowledge of creating them by reverse-engineering.
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