Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus

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Caught in a bitter feud between spiteful gods, you fight for more than your life. Enlist Hercules, Achilles, Electra and the mightiest of heroes in your struggle for an eternal seat atop Olympus.In game you can recruit new members from over 30 distinct units like Gorgons and Harpies with abilities like turning flesh into stone and insidious poison. You can command the heroes in your war party at any time during battle and ask them for help. Orion can summon the Rain of Arrows, Hercules can cause ground-warping earthquakes or Cadmus can raise the dead.You can also use the different formations of your troops and heroes like wedge, box and line enabling you to attack with impunity or defend yourself until reinforcements arrive. All of those to find your playing style.Command legendary heroes from the Greek mythologyCreate you own war host from over 30 distinct unitsA vast scenery - from hot deserts to cold, dead mountains
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