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SpriteStack is a 3d pixelart editor based on sprite stacking technique. It's a special kind of voxel editor suited for 2D artists where the model is drawn layer by layer like a pixelart. Featuring handcrafted retro renderer and experimental animation support.ExamplesEditorEach model is made of 2D slices that create a 3D volume when put on top of each other.AnimatorAnimation support is experimental but it can already yeld nice results.ExporterTop notch exporter featuring unique low resolution renderer stylized to look like pixelart. It can output 2D spritesheets, slices for spritestacking or .vox models that can be later converted to many popular 3D formats.MagicaVoxel supportThanks to two-way MagicaVoxel integration you are not bound to use the spritestacking editor. You can also render your existing .vox models in my retro rendering engine or get your spritestacks converted to formats like OBJ.
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