Astron Jump Baby

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PS:1. When your score more than 10000, you can click the green upload button to send your score to the leaderboards. 2. We only keep and show the top 1000. 3. The score calculation may not be perfect, so we might change it, and delete the data of rankings in the future. Sorry.About the GameHi everyone, "Astron Jump Baby" is a simple platform、jump game, The Layout is infinite, no endless, and you can't pause. The goal of the game is to get more score as possible as you can. Come on, challenge your patience and reaction. Let's see who will in to the top of leaderboard ! How to get score: Jump、 Trampled the platform、 Rise high 1.Jump: every jump +10 2.Trampled the platform: (Wood: can withstand 2 jump hits +30 points) (Stone: can withstand 3 jump hits +60 points) (Steel: can withstand 4 jump hits +100 points) 3. Rise high: up out of window, continuous points Looks simple, but it's difficult if you want get high score. You should "short-jet" to make "small-jump", trampled the platforms faster, and never stop count your step, and watch your foothold to get high place. Sometimes you can't use these two ways to get scrore at the same time. It depends on your reaction and choice at moment.
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