Yet Another Hero Story

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A noble lady has been abducted and only a hero can save her. That hero shouldn't be Martin McNish but life has an odd sense of humor sometimes.It Is Your Task to Help Martin, Become A Hero. Low reflexes are highly recommended to play the game. The interface is the simplest possible. The player can move, pick up items, and talk to characters with a single click. Items can be used with a simple drag operation. We have already regretted this decision because we could make this game more difficult.More than 50 environments and illustrations have been created for the game. We love 3D technology so much that we decided not to include any of it in our game. Everything was created in the good old and painful 2D way.Our Design PhilosophyWe love point-and-click adventures. We grew up playing Sierra and Lucasarts games. First and foremost, we are gamers. Sometimes we create our own games simply because, why not? We create games that we enjoy playing, and we are old-school. Our games are probably for a “certain” audience.Our design philosophy:We don’t care to create interactive stories with “meaningful” choices.We will never include a hint system in our games.Don’t expect an object highlighting button. Move your mouse cursor around. We have played games that required us to spot 1 x 1 pixel objects and we had a great time. Now, you can too! (just kidding)Also, in case the 4.99 price didn’t get you thinking, THE GAME DOES NOT INCLUDE FULLY VOICED CHARACTERS!We repeat:THE GAME DOES NOT INCLUDE FULLY VOICED CHARACTERS!And finally:THE GAME DOES NOT INCLUDE FULLY VOICED CHARACTERS!Check out our other published and upcoming titles
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