You Have 10 Seconds 3

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You Have 10 Seconds 3 is a fast paced arcade style platformer where you have 10 seconds to complete each level. Dodge spikes, lasers and solve puzzles to make it to the exit before time runs out!With various improvements over the first two, You Have 10 Seconds 3 has hundreds of new levels to experience and new gameplay mechanics such as motion sensors, timed gateways, screen inversion and more to make getting to that goal in under 10 seconds as difficult as possible.FeaturesOver 300 New Levels.Over 30 Brand New Worlds.7 Hub WorldsOver 65 original songs in the soundtrack, including an unlockable 8-bit version.Improved gameplay feel and player squishy-ness.Rewards are given for skilled gameplay, with unlockables for completing worlds without dying.Lots of secrets and hidden content60fps.In-game achievements and Steam AchivementsPlayer colour customisation and timer customisation.
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