★Fallalypse ★ Disconnect ❄

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Async Multiplayer. An apocalypse hit Earth when the artificial intelligence rebelled and turned people into zombies with help of a virus. Then came the war of the Space Forces of Earth against machines and zombies. The war ended with the victory of the Space Forces. Your task is to revive cities on Earth devastated by the war. Destroy the remaining zombies and robots who survived the war and help bases created by the Space Forces on Earth. The game is an asynchronous MMO: you don't see other players, but you can feel consequences of their actions in the game, just as they can feel the effect of your actions. There are two modes in the game: The first is the "Base" operation: you select a location on the world map to place your base and see how NPCs develop it by themselves, or you can see how other bases are developing if other players haven't closed access to their bases for you. You can also close access to your base for other players so that only you can watch the development of your base. During the launch of this mode, your computer’s resources are used by the game AI to develop the base. In the second game mode, you explore the world as a robot disconected from AI network, extracting resources and helping NPCs to develop bases or traveling the world and fighting against zombies and robots.
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