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A game of ball-swinging, elastic-snapping chaos.* Grand-prize winning game of Intel's App Innovation Contest *Casual coffee-break gaming at it's finest. The mechanics are easy to pick up yet nearly impossible to master. Grab hold of the elastic rope and swing the attached ball round and round. Demolish as many destructibles as possible before the string snaps or your time runs out.As the game progresses the ball becomes heavier and heavier, making it more difficult to keep it under control. To further challenge the user, certain collectibles will spawn additional weighted balls that both add to the score multipliers and make it much harder to control without snapping. Additional power-ups and hazards await you in every game.While dragging the handle around the screen, the ball(s) attached to the elastic will react to your every move. If you provide too much momentum, the rope will give way and snap. To earn the greatest number of points you must try to stretch the elastic rope as far as possible without breaking it.The game's complex scoring formula relies heavily on the length of the string upon impact and speed at which you reach each destructible; your score will increase greatly as you become more skilled. Rack up killer combos by collecting multiple items quickly and with high elasticity.Major FeaturesLocal and online high score system.Hypnotic and relaxing effects and visual blends.At least half a dozen different types of collectibles.Modern graphics designed specifically for HD widescreen displays.Creative use of physics and particles to provide a unique experience.
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