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Join Mutland to open a new world : Growing crops, harvesting trees/rocks, hunting animals, gather food/drink… Crafting knife/axe/torch/food/medicine… You need to be alive, fighting with zombies/mutant animals, explore the world. Of course you must uncover the secrets of this world - the mutland. Game features: Sandbox Gameplay. Survive in the large open world. Craft Weapons/Tools/Food/Medicines… Driving/Shooting/Melee/Trap/Gather… Day & Night Cycle: please keep quiet during the night. Zombie/Mutant Animals/Mutant Plants… Explore the mysterious world. Mysterious hidden clues in game. Basic operation instructions: - move:W,S,A,D - skip:space - speed run:left Shift - get down:Z - attack:left mouse button - pick:F - get on:F - get off:F - brake:space - rotating perspective:move the mouse - use the shortcut bar item:1-6 - ability to use special items:right mouse button - map:M - notes:T - settings:Esc - backpack:E
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