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What is "Marblesared" ? It is a new take on the old hand-held "marble-in-a maze" type games commonly available many decades before electronic hand held games existed, where you had to get a marble from one corner of the maze to the other, or variations on the theme. The Windows PC version of Marblesared can be played with keyboard (or gamepad) controlling the marble. How to play ? - Roll your red marble to the red goal, through mazes, obstacles & bonuses. - Help a little yellow bean get to the yellow goal. The yellow bean can auto-navigate, and even has a jetpack for speeding to the yellow goal after your red marble unlocks it. HOWEVER Only your marble can help the bean reach that yellow goal. How? By lowering obstacles, by NOT tripping bad items, by NOT directly running over the bean and Smooshing it, and ideally, by doing it in as little time as possible if you are competitive and want to brag a bit :-) The target audience is early teens and older, due to the bean character being "smooshed", and humour content (very bad puns), There is no elite skill barrier - anyone capable of using a Windows PC can play - albeit some better than others :-) Marblesared has been released in Steam as Early Access, and is incomplete but playable. The game meets definition of Early Access set out here: I have added a new discussion for players to assist with prioritising further feature development,
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