Epic of Serinor: Dawnshadow

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Dawnshadow is a modern RPG styled after the great 8-bit classics of old. Follow the adventures of "Sai" Wulfgar, a psychic orc with various reptilian pets in the struggle for freedom from imprisonment by the god of darkness and destruction.Which sounds silly written out like that.FeaturesExperience an original story and world presented in a classic style.Defeat your foes in a streamlined active-time battle system.Use Sai's psychic shackles to turn vicious foes into loyal pets.Craft arms and armor to tailor Sai's abilities to your liking.Befriend or oppose gods and monsters alike in your quest for freedom.See two whole endings with 16 - 32 hours of gameplay. Maybe more. Depends how you count.Speaking of counting, so many powers of 2.Don't forget...What was I saying?
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