Spriter Essentials Art Packs

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Hundreds of royalty free images, environment art, and scores of animated characters, effects, and objects for use with Pro Motion NG and the free or Pro version of Spriter from BrashMonkey. Kickstart your next game project with professionally made game art you can export down to any size and frames per second you require and use in your game as is or edited to match your specific vision.These Essentials Art Packs were previously only available to those who purchased the full version of Spriter Pro, now they are also free for anyone who owns the paid version of ProMotion NG.Once the DLC is downloaded, open your steam client, right click promotion in your software library and choose properties, then click the local files tab and choose “browse local files”. This is where you'll find all of your Essentials art packs. Be sure to read the read-me file which will provide links to the free version of Spriter as well as a full selection of tutorial videos.
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