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TAPSONIC BOLD First DLC!!Meet the 'O2JAM Music' package now! O2JAM DLC contains a total of 20 O2JAM songs.Now enjoy the songs of O2JAM from TAPSONIC BOLD.Track List1. Wings Of Wind by Forte Escape2. Perfume by Forte Escape3. The Queen by M2U4. Persona by M2U5. Just One night by M2U6. Placebo Dying by M2U7. Rising Star by M2U8. ASHITA NO ASHIOTO by makou9. BSPower Explosion by Memme10. Uranium by Memme11. Revival On by Warak12. The Trace (Mashup) by Warak13. Flight by Warak14. Whistle by Warak15. Visual Dream II (In Fiction) by Aragon16. Blade II (Live Mix) by Kaz17. 0x1311 by nao.paradigm18. Brass Sensation by Ti719. Shine by Ti720. Visual Dream by Brandy
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