Fairground 2 - The Ride Simulation

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Fairground 2 contains 15 original amusement rides.All rides can be controlled with all functions.Record and play own ride programs and enjoy to ride them from the point of view.This is a 100% ride simulation. No management game or tycoon!Features:15 original amusement rides Breakdance Booster Condor/Ikarus FlicFlac Flipper Flyaway Giant Frisbee Jump2 Magic Maxishot Suspended TopSpin Takeoff Topple Tower Troika High detailed ridesFog, light- and fireeffectsWalkable amusement park with lot of themingConfigurable day/night systemDifferent sky-settings (sunny to extrem cloudy)Complete controlable rides10 existing ride programs for each rideMore than 20 ingame music-tracks.
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