Tactics: Age of Affliction

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Tactics: Age of Affliction is a 2D turn-based combat simulation, in which you script your tactics in advance, and watch the battles play out. You might plan an attack on the Plains of Eorn and fight some dangerous Worn Trolls, so bring some fire magic, or visit the Forests of Bree and get ambushed by The Fae with their regenerative magic. The sky's the limit in this deep combat sim.Will you save the world from itself?---FeaturesEvery action your heroes take is scripted in advance. If you want to spend weeks gathering herbs while your allies get mowed down fighting The Weevils in The Mountains, that's on you. You should definitely help them, but maybe you'd like to pick their bodies clean after they're defeated. It's up to you.Carefully tuned combat system, inspired by the tabletop RPGs you loveUsing your knowledge of the world, equip your units with exactly the tools they need to surviveMake challenging decisions to shape your world. Will you feed the people, or keep them to yourself so that you may fight another day?Rebuild your capital city so that it may one day return to its former gloryChallenging moment-to-moment gameplayHordes of enemies to study and defeat! Are they too aggressive, and opening themselves to an attack? Do they target your weakest allies first, and you need to guard them?Every time you play, you build your legacy, the way you want to.
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