The Fragment

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The fragment is an adventure in the first person.In 1996, the world witnessed the fall of an asteroid that contained an unknown element on our planet.After a few years, the US government engaged George and Jane Landini to investigate the materials and composition of the asteroid, but in the midst of an experiment, an accident resulted in the disappearance of Jane and almost all of the staff who worked there.You will embody the skin of the scientist George, who must find his wife, discover what happened and escape the place.The Fragment is updated with the new 8D sound system (8 addresses) from Google. Allows the player to completely enter the game environment. It is recommended to play with the default music, 100% headphones and lights off. It is recommended to play it with stereo headphones. It is extremely important to read the main notes to understand the background of the story of The Fragment Sneak between holes and difficult-to-access steps, and if you need to flee from a situation you should run in a hurry to save your life. Survive claustrophobic and closed places.
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