Time Barbarian Extreme!!

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Time Barbarian Extreme!! is a hectic, fast-paced shooter game like those from the old stand-up arcade machines we used to pump quarters into back in the 1980s.It runs at 60 fps in a window or full-screen.ControlsTBE plays best with a gamepad controller, but you can use the keyboard.You steer around with the left thumbstick and shoot with the right trigger. (Steering is fully analog with a gamepad controller.) Missiles are on the left trigger, and "Time Freeze" is on the top-right face button.The keyboard controls are completely configurable, so use wasd or arrow keys as you prefer.EggsThe gimmick to the game is the eggs. When you kill an enemy, it pops out an egg. The eggs are also your hit points. You have only one life, but you start with 10 egg slots (10 maximum hit points). Catch the eggs to fill your egg slots.The real trick is what happens if you miss the egg. When an egg hits the lava, it spawns a new enemy, and the new enemy will be tougher than the one the egg originally came from. You've got to kill the enemies, but be sure to catch those eggs, or you'll end up making things worse.StagesThe enemies come in waves, and you need to clear all the enemies to advance to the next stage. The difficulty quickly escalates as the stages progress.UpgradesBetween stages you get the opportunity to spend your accumulated points to buy upgrades. There are upgrades for your blaster, multi-target missiles, extra egg slots (hit points), and time freeze.MissilesMissiles lock on to several targets near you and are powerful enough to destroy them in one shot creating a cluster of eggs. Missiles automatically recharge after a short delay.Time FreezeA bullet-time sort of time-stop effect that freezes all the enemies in their tracks. Use it to get yourself out of sticky situations. Time Freeze recharges over time as you kill enemies.Wrap-AroundThe world wraps around. Keep flying in the same direction, and you'll soon return to where you started.Mini-mapThere's a mini-map or radar screen that's useful for tracking down that last straggler.
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