HMM Metal Pass Premium Season 2 + 1.300 Cash

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Metal PassMetal Pass is the progression system where the players have access to weekly challenges and amazing in-game rewards. This seasonal journey is the path to level your account up and get over 90 items!PremiumThe Metal Pass Premium ensures that you receive twice as many rewards per level, and also makes you progress faster on the season, achieving the best items. 1.300 Cash to buy exclusive itemsBesides all the Premium rewards you will get from the Metal Pass, this DLCs gives you 1.300 extra Cash, so you can buy the brand new, and exclusive, items in the game shop, such as Visual Effects for your matches, Sprays, Models for your favorite Pilots, or even speed up your progress on the Metal Pass by purchasing levels!2nd Season RewardsInto the Abyss season includes more than 90 rewards total, and with the Premium, you will also get:New Pilot StargazerA Heavy Metal model for Metal Herald, Dirt Devil and StargazerNew Metal Legend Models for Stingray and Metal HeraldLots of new SpraysNew thematic Visual Effects for the matches5 New Avatar Portraits
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