Lighthouse of guiding flames

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Sailors who get lost in the storm always follow the flames of a lighthouse. It is a shining beacon of hope that guides them through even the heaviest of rains.StoryEthani lost her way and ended up in a mysterious place, shrouded in fog. She is out of time, but the dense gray veil spreads as far as the eye can see. Where did she come from… and where should she go? While on the brink of despair, Ethani notices an attractive light in the distance. That light leads the poor girl to the Lighthouse, where she meets the Keeper.However, Ethani’s journey is far from over. She needs to make a choice and set sail once more.FeaturesInverse chronology. For all travelers who have gone astray, the Lighthouse is a place where the past and the future converge. Learn Ethani’s story and decide what happens next.Interactivity. Each of your choices affects Ethani's fate, leading to three alternate endings.25+ CG ART (720p)Original soundtrack from a professional musician.1,5-6 hrs of immersive story written by TomoToro team*Warning: We recommend completing the game at least twice to fully experience its story. Explore the events from end to beginning and vice versa!
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