FSX Steam Edition: US Cities X: New Orleans Add-On

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This US Cities X scenery from Aerosoft covers New Orleans, with more than 1,200 major buildings modelled and around 30,000 realistically placed autogen buildings.Among the features of this FSX:SE scenery are airports with new high resolution ground images, five heliports, a seaplane base, sound effects, ship traffic on the Mississippi and traffic on most major roads.FeaturesAerial image coverage plus landclasses around them.More than 1,200 major buildings included.About 30,000 autogen buildings placed realistically.All five heliports and one seaplane base in good detail.Major airports near the city (including the International Airport and one NAS Base) are covered with new high res ground images (no new structures added).Ship traffic on the Mississippi (paddle steamer and ferries).5 Heliports:LA89 – Heliport Southern Babtist Hospital Heliport7N0 – New Orleans Downtown Heliport48LA – Chevron Pace HeliportLS24 – Touro Infirmary Heliport7N01 – One Canala Place Heliport (currently closed)Detailed ground imagery for the 4 airports:KNBG – New Orleans Naval Air StationKMSY – Louis Armstrong New Orleans International AirportKNEW – Lakefront Airport65LA – Southern Seaplane AirportSound effects near heliports and bridges.Traffic on most major roads.Includes a separate Scenery Density tool, accessible from the Tools menu in your Steam library.
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