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In the far future, pilot Jimi Baboza is hired by the Helios Corporation to mine asteroids out in space. The job starts off great but an incident during his mandatory training takes Jimi off on a galaxy wide adventure that will make him wish he had stayed on Earth. 30 Levels of Space Action.Replayable levels with most having multiple routes to explore. Risk versus reward gameplay. Stylised neon glow graphics. An arena mode where you take on an unlimited number of enemies.Simultaneous gamepad and keyboard support.Parabolus may look like an ordinary arcade shooter on the surface but after few minutes avoiding ambushes and clever opponents you will realise that an overactive trigger finger will only get you so far. Pick your play style depending on your mood, blast everything in sight for a higher score or zoom through the level to complete it as fast as possible. Speed is a factor as most of the thirty levels have multiple routes which may be a shortcut or might just get you lost. Adaptation is the key as a more thoughtful approach is sometimes needed. You can even mine some asteroids to boost your score if you wish, but beware, some contain enemies and it will cost you time to deal with.
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