Jack Pilgrim: Space Within

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HOW DEEP WILL YOU GO FOR YOUR SANITY?You wake up in what seems like a hospital bed. You try to move your hands but soon realize that you are tied down and there are bandages around your wrists. You can’t remember what happened or who you are or even why you ended up here... Fear begins to overwhelm you like freezing water around a drowning man. The whole world goes black again. You open your eyes but this time you are in an open field where only a single, majestic, and glowing tree stands tall and proud... It’s soothing. You meet your spirit animal next to that tree, a wise cat; She is battered but not beaten. She tells you that you are in a mental hospital because of an evil entity called the Sickness and in order to save yourself you have to go on a journey into your mind, confront your fears, remember your past, and overthrow the Sickness! You feel terrified but seeing as how this is the only way, you firmly nod in agreement. You begin your journey as the strongest character you knew in your childhood from a game called Astronaut Jack, A manifestation of your will to fight, hoping this time, you set things right. Jack Pilgrim: Space Within is a first-person-shooter, story-driven psychological thriller game.HAUNTINGLY ATMOSPHERIC Jack's mind is a crumbling but wonderful place of both beauty and agony, dreams and nightmares, old things and new things. It's all presented to him as his childhood video games.A STORY OF A WILL TO FIGHT DARKNESSDespite the toll that the Sickness and Jack's own terrifying past has taken, he is willing to risk it all in a last battle through the hell in his mind, confront his fears, and accept his fate.SHE IS YOUR GUIDE AND COMPANION To receive guidance from one's deepest intuitions is a blessing. Especially if that intuition's manifested as a lovely cat!MULTIPLE STYLISH WEAPONS TO AID YOUDuring your time in the deep, you will find different manifestations of your will to fight the Sickness in the shape of different stylish weapons, mostly inspired by Jack's childhood video games.DEVELOP MENTAL POWERS You'll gradually learn to draw powers from your pleasant memories to fight the Sickness and free yourself.SHED LIGHT ON THE DARKNESSThere are many enemies and secrets that hide in the deepest, darkest shadows. Only with clever use of your handy flashlight you can bring them out into the light.JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A GUN DOESN'T MEAN YOU'RE SAFE!There are dangers at every corner and some of which will challenge your resolve.
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Minimum system requirements
64-bit processor
GeForce GTX 750/AMD Radeon 7790 or later
Windows 7, 10, 11 64-bit
free space
5 GB available space