Charset Crossfire Demo

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A retro maze shooting game with a weird and wacky menagerie of enemies. Survive and collect as many powerups as you can before the enemies do and you have to blast it out of them. These critters will cause increasing chaos as they fill up the maze with their unique behaviors, abilities, alliances, and rivalries. This demo plays for a limited time in one fixed maze from the 10+ of the full game with a smaller subset from the 16+ enemy types of the full game. This is meant as a sample to test the game on your system and see if you like the basics of how it looks and feels. It is not intended that you exhaust all the challenge and gameplay available in the demo before moving on to the full version, if you are enjoying it. We hope we have priced it low enough to suggest this.
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Minimum system requirements
free space
20 MB available space