Tank Tactics - Multiplayer edition

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Mission statement: "Our mission is to let you blow up stuff" We grew up playing games on the Super Nintendo. When we bought a game, we got the whole game. That retro business model still works in our hearts. And that is the deal we are proposing to you... ...when our game comes out. Tank Tactics is our first game, it's built for Nintendo standards. Which means we have an Asian difficulty level. Dynamic bullet hell levels, awesome graphics and mind quenching puzzles. And that classic couch co-op game feel. Tank Tactics is a top-down 2D action shooter. You control a tank, and can switch between different control modes, such as: tank controls, twin stick and our home brew default control setup. There's the main mission which alternates action packed shooting levels with puzzle levels and can also be played in couch coop. Here you can choose your own critical path from a non-linear world map. Then there's PvP arena's, and arcade mode which lets the player just action packed shooting missions. To blow your enemies up you can use the basic weapon, mines, environmental hazards (likes spires and gravity wells) or unlock new weapons and combine them! (Such as bounce and explosive bullets). There are achievements, detailed scoring overview and unlockable tanks with each their own stats. To top it off, there's a level editor which allows you to build your own levels and share them with your friends.
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Minimum system requirements
1.69 gb internal
4000 MB RAM
free space
140 MB available space