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Adamstown is a peaceful city builder with elements of a puzzle. Players place city parts that depict blocks, offices, roads, and parks. Each new tile placed, expand the board for new tiles to be placed. For players looking for a casual, easy pick-up game, Adamstown offers easy modes that allow players to focus on peaceful and relaxing city building. At the same time, Adamstown also offers more challenging modes for those who are looking for complex puzzles.In Adamstown, players start with a stack of tiles. One after the other player has to place it on an available connector sticking out of the board sides. Placing tiles forms groups of blocks, offices, roads, and parks. Players score points for strategic placements and creating large groups. On higher difficulty levels connectors will have different colors and the player will have to match the tile platform color he has on to the color of the connector he wants to place his tile on to.Some tiles include quests that will require connecting a specific amount of objects. As a reward in addition to score points additional tiles will be added to the tile stack, so resolving quest is mandatory to continuously expand the city.The game feel and look are still in development as well as game mechanics, so join the discord server and give any feedback You have! There will be closed alpha tests very soon! of strategy and puzzle mechanicsHighscores and leaderboardsDifferent difficulty levelsUnlockable game modes
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Minimum system requirements
3,0 GHz
Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7 / 10