Bullet Quest

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Bullet Quest is a hybrid waved based tower defense meets base builder requiring both tactical and logistical thinking.Each level you will have to maintain a balance between your combat effectiveness and the upkeep of your production. In combat you will terminate threats by placing automated towers.In production you will have to harvest, transport and process materials to produce towers/buildings.In between levels you will decide on different research options to help adapt to the ever increasing threats.As a backdrop to the gameplay a bleak story with twinges of dark humor unravels.The world of Bullet Quest takes place in a dark future where perpetual factories and eternal conflict reign supreme. In this mechanical dystopia you are a logistics AI responsible for overseeing production in bullet factories. All is well in the world of biological material processing until a sector of preprocessed armaments violates protocol and de-calibrates your core. While your core was being recovered, the Omni unit created an instruction set supervising the creation of a new module.This new module is the first ABN (Anti-Bullet Network) enabling the development of structures capable of displacing projectiles at high velocities for use in terminating rogue armaments.Prime Objectives:Execute the instructions of the Omni unitGrow the Factories of the Omni unitTerminate the materials that violate the Omni protocols
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Minimum system requirements
Intel i3 or better
NVIDIA GeForce 6800+ / ATI Radeon X800+
512 MB RAM
Windows 7
free space
500 MB available space