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Ah, the rain... it's so peaceful... until it washes away everything?!Help save the world by shooting leaves diagonally at the rain, or use the game's borders to bounce your vines around for better angles. When day becomes night, watch out for special rain drops that might restore broken ground, faster speeds, and strange messages. Enjoy an art style that combines pixel art with traditionally drawn watercolors and music that blends retro and modern sounds.This game is in Early Access! Right now, the game only includes a single player mode with its basic features and most of its art and music implemented. We intend to add more features to the game in the future that will be free updates to all that purchase the game in Early Access. Some of these include:Head-to-head split-screen multiplayerRaindrops that grant special abilities for extra drop collectingA naming system and a more robust scoring system (maybe a leaderboard?)A simple mode in the style of LCD gamesMore background updates and more music/sound effects
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Minimum system requirements
free space
100 MB available space