Astrocat: Milky Way Journey

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Astrocats: Milky Way Journey is a 2d puzzle in which you need to help the novice astrocat Skylar, from the planet Wool, from the distant Tek-1 Galaxy, she was traveling through space on a mission when she spotted a galaxy that looked like a milky way, curious, decided to investigate and saw that unfortunately there was no milk, but a lot of planets and peculiar objects to photograph as she quickly passed through the Milky Way.As her small camera can't capture the entire galaxy, she took a picture of some planets in that galaxy and decided to put them together on her tablet to send to her planet's scientists, as she continued on her way to her mission. Skylar is excellent at taking pictures, but terrible at montages, and she also didn't memorize the order of planets and objects very well, so whether you do the montages in the right order of the planets or not, Skylar thinks it's important to show scientists what you've seen. along the way, so she counts on you to finish editing the photos!Resources:50 levels.Solve the levels as you wish: what matters is using all the pieces!No keyboards or joysticks! You just need the mouse!Curiosities and information about all the pieces present in the game.Hand-drawn parts.Original and relaxing music.
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Minimum system requirements
Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4200 @ 2.00GHz
Windows 7
free space
200 MB available space