Lucky Villager

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Lucky Villager is a 2D platform game where you take on the role of a villager on a journey to save a village. troubled times have come, your village has been surviving for more than a year, how can you find a very old treasure map in your attic and you don’t believe that this is possible, lipricons? A few years later, when there was no trace left of the village, you, a traveler who left his native land, without leaving the thought of a mythical place, went in search of that very mysterious gold of lipricons. Having reached a very dense forest, you stumble upon evil lipricons on your way, protecting their gold, go around all the lipricons, collect as much gold as possible and leave this terrible forest. - Nice graphics by Teonni - Nice soundtrack by Jironnuk - captivating story
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Minimum system requirements
Dual Core 2.0 GHz or higher
Intel HD Graphics
1024 MB RAM
Windows XP\ Vista \ 7 \ 8 or higher
free space
20 MB available space