Lucille-The balance of light and dark

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Lucille-The balance of light and dark
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Lucille is a 2D action rogue game where you play as the heroine, Lucille, fighting with a variety of upgradable weapons in different styles. The combat is fast-paced and contains a wide range of scenes and unlockable content. Don't be discouraged if you lose a battle, as Lucille will become even stronger with the protection of the elemental spirits. As Lucille continues to grow, the secrets of light and darkness on the continent of Coleritt will be revealed!AbstractIn the midst of a dark chaos a seed of light appeared, and as she grew into a giant Tree of All Origins, all kinds of elemental powers poured out from its roots. The continent of Coleritt was born, and the era began with primitive races inhabiting their own places. Long time later, as the forces coveted the elemental powers and their desires continued growing, the original peace was finally shattered and endless wars burned the continent as darkness and chaos began to spread and engulf the world. At this moment, all the elemental spirits gathered around the Tree of All Origins and poured their energy into it, releasing a tremendous elemental power that eventually sealed the chaos, which made them and the Tree of All Origins nearly withered away as they exhausted most of their energy. Although the war was over, the loss of elemental power also left the world on the brink of collapse.Will the birth of Lucille, the child of hope, change all that? Will the world come back to life and will light and darkness be balanced? This is where the exciting adventure begins!Learn the elemental power and fight side by side!Throughout your adventure, you will get the help from several elemental spirits and learn nearly a hundred kinds of elemental magic to strengthen your combat abilities.Upgrade weapons and combat skills!Each weapon has a variety of attack ways, keep tapping into the weapon's potential and find the best combat skills for you.A free combination of elemental magic and combat skills!Slashing, magic, shooting! Freedom to combine various attacks and go all the way through.
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Minimum system requirements
IntelR Core i5-2500 up or AMD equivalent or above
Nvidia GT 640M or AMD Radeon HD 5670
Windows 10 / 11 (64-bit versions only)
free space
10 GB available space