Land Above Sea Below

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Land Above Sea Below takes you to the amazing world of a small island of the eternal autumn - created by you.During this calm, landscape-building puzzle/strategy game, you have to grow your island’s area and height by placing infinitely available tiles one after one. These procedurally generated tiles ensure that every island you make, every game you play will be different. A great game to relax for a short time or to dive deep into its world for long hours.In Land Above Sea Below, you start with one tile, on which the Last Tree of Fall grows. Your goal is to keep this tree alive as long as possible, by avoiding its tile getting swallowed by the sea.To do so, you have to place the tiles one by one on the map into the available free spaces. However, you need to make sure to put the best matching tiles adjacent each other, as it will raise not just the territory, but the height of your island as well, thus getting away from the increasing sea level.As you progress, tiles with new landscapes//terrain types will be unlocked. As the scenery gets more diverse, placing the tiles in their best position will become more and more challenging.The tiles can be rotated to achieve your aspirations of the perfect Zen flow, but later it will be strategically important how you place the special tiles (road, river, wall, etc.), as it will affect the further growth of your island.Special tiles shape your island in unique ways: a river will be always right above sea level, but it won’t raise further as your island expands.You are only allowed to place a certain amount of tiles during one round, which is shown by a counter, so you need to plan your steps carefully. By successfully accomplishing challenges, you can get rewards (like extra steps, extra points, etc.). If the round ends, the sea level rises, and all tiles (except specials) that were just above the sea level, will be flooded, and sunk.Reefs and other obstacles can be found and explored throughout the map, so it’s essential to plan ahead in your expansion.Remember, as further your island rises from the sea level, as long your journey will be in your autumn world.Relaxing, calm gameplay with a cozy autumn vibeEye catching, beautiful scenery, all created by youPuzzle game spiced with strategy elementsEvery tile and every game are unique and unrepeatableInfinite gameplay modeMinimalistic styleMyriad of unique, unlockable tilesLand Above Sea Below is developed by a tiny Indie dev team from Europe. Our goal is to bring you a relaxing game with a beautiful autumn vibe, which is enjoyable by everyone in the world, therefore we are happy to receive all of your feedbacks in email, discord, twitter, Reddit, postcard – whatever suits you the best!
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Minimum system requirements
2 GHz Dual Core (Intel / AMD)
Dedicated graphics card, GTX 770 2GB or similar
Windows 10 (64-Bit)
free space
500 MB available space