The Time I Have Left

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Left as the seemingly sole inhabitant of the enormous underground city of Colony 7, Aline is suddenly marked for death by a mysterious phenomenon known as ‘The Miasma’.FeaturesThe Time I Have Left is a time-driven exploration game with a narrative focus.Guide Aline in a race against the clock through Colony 7, an enormous and eerily deserted underground complex.Face disturbing visions of death in a dynamic turn-based combat system.Preserve your willpower and uncover the hidden truth behind Colony 7, Aline, and The Miasma.Stunning visuals: Experience the dense environments of Colony 7, all rendered in a striking style.Nostalgic flair, modern spin: Find clues, solve environmental puzzles, unlock hidden areas, and secure your escape!Time-driven gameplay: The clock is always ticking, and some events only trigger at specific times. What will you do with the time you have left?Knowledge is power: New abilities are unlocked as you uncover clues and complete the in-game database.Deep, dark secrets: Use the information you gather to unlock shortcuts, hidden stories, unique items, and secrets! You may not discover them all in a single playthrough.Resist the visions of death: Aline faces grotesque creatures in her Near-Death Experiences. Since they cannot be harmed, your only options are to resist or flee.Reactive Turn-Based Mechanics: Time your movements well to evade directional attacks. Master your foes’ patterns to escape unharmed!Adventure with an RPG twist: Experience unique exploration gameplay combined with a fresh take on the classic JRPG formula.
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Minimum system requirements
Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster
GeForce 970 or equivalent
Windows 7
free space
10 GB available space