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Welcome Achievement Hunter!This is the must-have minigame collection. Master dozens of stages, level-up and climb the ranks to unlock shed-loads of achievements. Prove your worthiness by placing yourself on the world leaderboard by simply pressing, mashing and holding A."Wait a sec, you only need one button to do all this?"Hell yeah!Press A to present the news!Beauty in SimplicityThat's right, you only need one button (or keyboard key) to play the whole game. But don't let that deceive you, this ain't some cheap and cheerful shovel ware, no siree, because we've really put that beautiful A button to use, in fact we're getting as much mileage outta that baby as you can imagine.Experience the endless barrage of outrageous minigamesKarting, fishing, archeryTyping, photography, courtroom dramaRefuelling a car, presenting the news, extreme skiingPuzzles, retro 3D mazes, CATSFPS, RPG, PPE(!)... and so many more!Press A to go karting!ReplayabilityUnlock Mod Stones to change the rules of your next playthroughGet bronze, silver or aim for gold on each stageCollect coins and gift-bags to change up your profile which is visible on the leaderboardFound a secret achievement? Leave hints for other players or if you're a big meanie try to confuse them with misinformation.Can't find an achievement? Buy hints from other players (note, they may be trolling you lol)Climb the leaderboard, it's totally worth it!Compare your score, achievements and Mod Stones with friends and players worldwidePress A to RPG!Achievements galore!Tons of achievements that'll make you feel warm and fuzzyUnlock achievements by gaining XP and levelling upThink outside the box to find secret achievements hidden throughout the stagesTrack your career and achievement progress in the handy-dandy career menuChoose your characterCustomise your experience with unlockable characters, profile items, voice-packs, colours, patterns and ludicrous phrases. Be a fish, a bear, Elizabeth Nishibori, an ugly baby. Whatever you be, just be yourself. Open gift bags full of fun stuff or buy that item you've always wanted using coins collected from the in-game action.Hold on to your trousersHere's 6 more reasons you'll love Press A For Achievements:Full of references, homages and ridiculous humourEasy to learn and hard to masterFast, funny and occasionally flatulentExperience the thrill of victory by completing a stage at the last possible nanosecondGet medals for each stage, beat your personal best, be the best YOU that YOU can beTap your feet to the killer dynamic soundtrackProbably the most fun you can have with one hand!
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Minimum system requirements
Core i3 (or equivalent)
Dedicated graphics card with 4GB memory
Windows 7
free space
3 GB available space