My Dragon Party 🎉

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WISHLIST OUR NEW GAME: the GameSTORYMy Dragon Party is a kinetic novel about which can be described as a collection of stories told by friends at a party. Three girls will share their unique stories about their recent adventures with you.CHARACTERS• Elizabeth (doesn't like when you call her Lizzy)She's probably the smartest dragon you know, but definitely not the wisest one. Selfish, arrogant, a little stubborn - well, a very good person to spend time with.• Amber All brawn and almost no brains. For sure the strongest dragon in this world, she can easily destroy any kingdom or country, but lacks some basic understanding and knowledge about this world. Usually, her intelligence creates her problems, and her muscles solves them. But she is a good person to be friend with, that's for sure.• LunaAlways gloomy, always sarcastic and always lazy. If there is a point when she does anything except procrastination or reading books - she's either forced to do it or she really wants it. She also has a talent in magic and alchemy, but she's too lazy to use it.FEATURES• About 4-5 hours of content.• Exciting stories from different eras.• HD fully original artworks.• Cute dragon with their own personality!
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Minimum system requirements
Intel Core 2
Windows 7, 8, 10