Astria World

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Astria World lets you choose who you want to be. Do you have more a penchant for illegality or legality? What job is for you? It will be up to you to decide. You have a multitude of choices available to you, will you be able to make the right ones?Economy:The economy will have a smart system to reward professions, if the player chooses a raw material profession (Miner, lumberjack..) and the stocks are low the resale price of the raw materials will be increased and therefore lowered if the stocks are full.Jobsillegal trades:Buy, grow, harvest your own plants and make a profit with quality plants or use them for your personal consumption but beware the police are never far away!legal professions:You are an honest citizen and you want to do a job that you like without having any problems with the law, so choose from a multitude of jobs (lumberjack, miner, policeman, taxi driver, cabinetmaker, restaurateur...).OthersAstria world will include a multitude of vehicles which will allow realistic roleplay for professions (Ambulance, taxi, gendarmerie, army, etc.) but also for the city or off-road (City car, super car, motocross, 4x4. ..).Weapons will also be present from the smallest to the largest caliber but you will be free to use them only with a license or illegally.The city of Astria World will include shops, different business buildings but also houses that will be on sale and that allow you to live your life and manage your character such as: changing clothes, cooking, eating, you wash and many others.As you will have understood, Astria World is a realistic open world that you will never have seen, so join the community and start your adventure!
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