Vitality Girl Ⅲ:Pixel-Night Action

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[DLC introduction]The expansion of the game content has added 3 levels and a large-scale damage skill.[game introduction]"Vitality Girl III: Pixel" is a pixel-style 2D platform jumping game. The game tells the story of a sinful city where a mysterious assassination organization was born. Players play as a trainee assassin in this killer organization. As long as one more task is completed, he can become a full member, but he has also discovered a shocking secret.In the game, players need to collect green gouyu, which can improve their abilities in the branch of the killer organization.[Game Features]Kunai: The player throws a Kunai, which can cause damage when it hits an enemy. If it hits a wall, the player can instantly move to the position of Kunai.Mind Blow: Normal attacks can bounce enemy bullets, and the bounced bullets can kill the enemy.Butterfly form: The player can transform into a butterfly, which can fly freely without being affected by gravity, and can also pass through small spaces.Butterfly Slash: Players can attack downwards in the air. If they hit the enemy, they will use the reaction force to jump up again and reduce the influence of gravity. Suitable for high-end players to show operation.
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Minimum system requirements
Core 2 Duo
Intel HD 4600 (AMD or NVIDIA equivalent)
2048 MB RAM
Windows 7,Windows10
free space
2048 MB available space